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In a fishing village in Palestine in the Roman year 781 AUC (our 28 AD), four free-spirited twelve year olds are well known for causing havoc – and getting away with it. Tahlia and her three untamed friends make ridiculous plans that never come off, often disrupting the town and their own families.

Stealing, disturbing the peace, tempting disaster, even befriending the town’s crazy person, are only a few of their escapades. When they hear about a stranger who makes miracles happen to sick people – just by his word – they decide to tag along after him, only to be disappointed time after time because they can never track him down. Then, like a sudden storm on their lake, tragedy strikes …

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Colin Pearce has been telling stories and writing all his life. He’s told stories to business people and children across Australia, New Zealand, 28 states of the USA and in 15 other countries. With academic qualifications in teaching, theology, and an MA in creative writing, he has worked as a teacher of the deaf, a church pastor, a salesman, a television writer, presenter and producer, a business advisor and professional speaker. In 2007 he was inducted into the Australian Speakers Hall of Fame. Colin and his wife Christine have four clever adult children and five even smarter grand children. He loves to garden, coach communicators of any kind and, of course, to write. For more information visit Colin at: www.colinpearce.com

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4 reviews for I used to be dead

  1. Rosanne Hawke, author of Wolfchild, Across the Creek and The Leopard Princess

    Master storyteller Colin Pearce has written a mesmerizing historical novel with resilient characters, a seamless mix of humour and pathos, and impeccable research that hides beneath the surface. I, too, was in Palestine with Tahlia and her gang, living her troubles and adventures. Tahlia lives 2000 years ago but she is so alive, brave and full of mischief. She and her hilarious friends will drag you through adventure after adventure, even stealing horses and pretending to be tax collectors (for a good cause), and you’ll never want it to stop. But watch out: Tahlia will steal your heart. –

  2. Kim Golding, CEO Adelaide Christian Schools

    Teachers will find that this intriguing book opens windows to the Middle East, Roman history, family relationships, migration, and even arranged marriage. Kids will love his humorous approach.

  3. Meredith Resce, Author

    Colin Pearce has followed many of the accounts from the gospels in this story, but told like you’ve never heard them before. Each event is seen by the eyes of kids who have no idea who Jesus is or why the religious people are so upset, or what it really means. In fact, there is nothing traditional about this book at all. You’ll love it as much as your kids.

  4. Dr Mark Worthing, author and theologian

    Pearce’s latest book takes us behind the scenes of one of the most incredible of Jesus’ miracles; the little girl raised from the dead. Who was this girl? How did she die? And what did she make of the Galilean carpenter who restored her to life? I Used to be Dead explores these questions in a way that keeps us glued to the page until the very last chapter.

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