A World of Difference


Ways of Being–in–the–World

by: Walter Stratford and Linda McWilliam

Publish date: 9/4/2018
Pages: 214
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9780648232414

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A World of Difference explores ways of being-in-the-world and highlights the connectedness of all things.

From something as ordinary as breath to the extraordinary concept of Covenant, Walter Stratford and Linda McWilliam delve into such issues as authenticity, community, attachment, solitude, and the suffering that enters into every life. They bring together viewpoints from within the church as well as canvas belief systems that have emerged throughout time.

They also examine how prayer, grace, story and hospitality all play an important part in our spirituality, and offer suggestions for the practice of spirituality in our everyday lives.

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About the authors

Walter Stratford is a retired Uniting Church minister who served in such diverse places as the New Hebrides, Traralgon, Townsville and Dandenong. He also spent time as secretary to the Queensland Ecumenical Council, and as a chaplain in the Wesley Hospital. During his ministry, Walter found time for study and completed a number of degrees, finishing a PhD in 2012. He is married with four adult children, a number of grandchildren, and some great-grandchildren.

Linda McWilliam, an Anglican priest, is Director of Mission for Anglicare Southern Queensland. She holds a bachelor’s degree (honours) in Theology and a Master of Counselling from the Australian Catholic University. She lives in Brisbane with her husband Ian, and has 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren. Linda was a Chaplain in palliative care, working with patients who were diagnosed with a terminal illness, before moving to Anglicare.

2 reviews for A World of Difference

  1. Rev. Heather Coombes, Uniting Church minister, retired aged care chaplain

    This intellectually stimulating book is designed for those wishing to reflect more deeply on the meaning and significance of their lives, whether they seek to do so by living their Christianity or by following another spiritual pathway. There are wide ranging discussions on topics such as suffering, community, hospitality, solitude and relationship with the environment. These series of reflections are grounded in a wide general knowledge, religious tolerance, an appreciation of current affairs, and a deep insight into the nature of the human soul. This well-written book has an important contribution to make in the journey of self-discovery, as we seek to make a difference to the quality of our communities.

  2. Paul Inglis, UC Forum (verified owner)

    How I wish this book had been available to me twenty years ago!

    The authors demonstrate how ‘meaning’ is found when philosophy meets history, culture, ethnography and religion. It is also about a human search for truth and justice that is a both analytical and practical.


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