A Genuinely Theological Church


Ministry, Theology and the Uniting Church

by: Geoff Thompson

Publish date: 28/4/2018
Pages: 88
Publisher: Uniting Academic Press
Dimensions:129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780648232421

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This short book aims ‘to clarify questions we are asking about theological education and ministerial formation in the UCA’. …

It does indeed go a long way to asking better questions. The writing is lucid and Thompson is particularly effective in unpacking what can easily become impenetrable theological concepts. Stressing the ‘performative’ vocation of theology, the text engages the critical categories of post-colonial, post-liberal, post-secular and ultimately post-Christendom age/s. Not all with be persuaded by all the arguments but readers are sure to find a stimulus to reflect more deeply and more carefully on the nature of future ministry in the UCA.

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About the author

Geoff Thompson is Co-ordinator of Studies: Systematic Theology at Pilgrim Theological College, the theological college of the Uniting Church in the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania and a member college of the University of Divinity.

Previously he has served as a parish minister in inner-suburban Melbourne (1996-2001) and as Director of Studies: Systematic Theology (2001-2013) and Principal (2010-2013) of Trinity Theological College in the Queensland Synod.

His other writings on the Basis of Union include Jesus Christ According to the Basis of Union (UCA Assembly, 2014) and Disturbing Much, Disturbing Many: Theology Provoked by the Basis of Union (UAP, 2016). He occasionally blogs at xenizonta.blogspot.com.au and tweets at @gtsystheol.

Video interview

Liam Miller interviewed Geoff Thompson about his new book, A Genuinely Theological Church: Ministry, Theology, and the Uniting Church. We dive into his robust and dynamic definition of theology (looking especially at the role of imagination in theology, and how theology is marked by puzzling proclamations, unexpected tangents and strangeness), we discuss the novel and particular nature of Christian confession, the post-Christendom church, the missional vocation of theology, and much, much more.

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3 reviews for A Genuinely Theological Church

  1. The Revd Dr John Smith, UCA Minister (retired), Honorary Research Associate, University of Divinity.

    Geoff Thompson’s book is a tract for our times. Working soundly within our changing cultural context he has carefully analysed the contested nature of theological education in the Uniting Church. He has reflected deeply on what it means to be a Church with a truly theological ministry that seeks to express the Gospel in fresh words and deeds (Basis of Union paragraph 11) while living fully in the world.

  2. Peter Sellick, Online Opinion journal

    […] In this little book Geoff Thompson has employed the Basis of Union of the UCA and his own sophisticated theological insight to comment on an area which is currently dogging the mainline churches. […]
    Read full review at http://www.onlineopinion.com.au

  3. Jason Goroncy

    “This afternoon, I had the joy of being at the wonderful Pilgrim Theological College and to share some words at the launch of Geoff Thompson’s fabulous new book, A Genuinely Theological Church. Below’s what I said, more or less.”

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