Peasants, Prophets, and Political Economy

1 Ancient Palestinian Peasant Movements and the Formation of Premonarchic Israel
2 Joshua
3 Coveting Your Neighbor's House in Social Context
4 Systemic Study of the Israelite Monarchy
5 Debt Easement in Israelite History and Tradition
6 The Political Economy of Peasant Poverty
7 Bitter Bounty: The Dynamics of Political Economy Critiqued by the Eighth-Century Prophets
8 Whose Sour Grapes? The Addressees of Isaiah 5:1-7
9 Accusing Whom of What? Hosea's Rhetoric of Promiscuity
10 Producing Peasant Poverty: Debt Instruments in Amos 2:6b-8, 13-16
11 Micah--Models Matter: Political Economy and Micah 6:9-15
12 Review of Roland Boer, The Sacred Economy

The Hebrew Bible and Social Analysis

By:Marvin L. Chaney
Publisher:Cascade Books
Dimensions:152mm x 229mm


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