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Morning Star Publishing and Acorn Press are two publishing imprints owned by Bible Society Australia. We publish a wide range of faith voices from all Christian denominations, as well as resources for the church –  including theology, Scripture, worship, history, ethics and spirituality.
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Shipping Charges

All prices are given here in Australian dollars inclusive of 10% GST (Australian Goods and Services Tax) which will be deducted from international orders.

These charges do not include local taxes or import duties for international orders. You can use the currency converter to display your actual charge in your local currency in your shopping basket.

Orders with nett value over A$200 will be shipped freight free in Australia.

Order total (nett) Australia NZ
up to A$50 10.50 16
A$50-80 15 23
A$80-100 18 26
A$100-200 21 31
A$200+ Free N/A

These charges apply to all products on our site except editions of the Catholic Worship Book which has a separate freight and quantity discount schedule. Due to licensing restrictions, editions of the Catholic Worship Book can only be supplied to Australia or New Zealand.

Books sold through this website are print-on-demand titles. Your order is sent immediately to our printer who prints your copy and arranges delivery. This process can take up to fifteen working days from the placing of your order.

Refund Policy

Morning Star Publishing and Acorn Press guarantee complete replacement of faulty copies of books and will offer full refund in the rare cases where customer satisfaction cannot otherwise be achieved.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found by clicking on the following link: www.biblesociety.org.au/privacy-policy

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Business Name: Morning Star Publishing Pty. Ltd.
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