All Things New

God has a plan for your life, to be a part of divine great plan to ‘renew our world’ and make ‘all things new’ (Revelation 21:5).

Mick Pope takes the reader on a journey through ‘end times’ theology in Revelation and elsewhere to show that the good world we live is not destined for destruction but renewal. God is calling us to understand the state of our world theologically, to speak and act prophetically and bring the church and world to repentance, and to live hopefully.

This book comes with a study guide for groups or individuals.

A Climate of Justice

What does it mean to love our neighbours in a world that is warming?

That is just one of the questions dealt with in A Climate of Justice. Justice, we are reminded, is important to Christians because justice reflects God’s character. There are many issues of justice that currently concern Christians: the refugee crises and the treatment of asylum seekers; the ways in which indigenous people around the world are treated, including the way in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples lag behind non-indigenous Australians.

Dr. Mick Pope examines these and other justice issues through the lens of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, as well as within the context of climate change. What will come as a surprise to many is the role climate change is found to play in addressing these key issues of justice.