The Unexpected Light

The Unexpected Light is a book which seeks to inspire through the experience of science, history, and art, rather than theological rhetoric – reaching out to people not necessarily committed to the Christian faith but perhaps interested in it.

The aim is to show how mercy is not just a doctrine, not just a teaching – although these are important things – but rather, a force integral to the future of human life on earth. Peter Fleming examines science, history, art – unified in faith. In a world which is imperfect by its very nature, mercy is a logical response to its people and to human behaviour.

What love can do

What Love Can Do is about the Kingdom of God—‘The Way’—and its practical application in today’s fractured world. Spiritually progressive and insightful, the book challenges the institutional Church’s long-standing neglect of a Way that was the central focus of the Gospel Jesus and his immediate followers. What Love Can Do includes wisdom from major world religions and non-religious sources alike. It highlights the Way as a living, dynamic politics of peace, justice and compassion, and covers such topics as celebration, truth, faith and trust, the prayer of quiet, reconciling community and hospitality. The Way as a source of nonviolent political and spiritual liberation is also discussed along with its affinity to ecological sustainability and the-more-than-human-world. Those who want an exciting, visionary, down-to-earth theology and/or have suffered at the hands of the Church and non-religious ideologies, will find consolation, meaning, direction and purpose in this book. It is also ideal for personal reflection, group discussion, course leaders and their participants, as well as for theological students and spiritual directors/companions.

Things that Jesus said

Things that Jesus said treats parables of Jesus in all four Gospels. Usually, most scholars think of parables restricted to the first three Gospels, the Synoptic Gospels. The first half of this book examines Synoptic parables. Unusually, a few scholars identify parables in the Fourth Gospel. This book is in the unusual category. In the second half there is an analysis of Johannine parables. This book is designed for personal and group study of the provocative, dynamic and creative parables of Jesus.

Dolphin’s leap, hind’s feet

What exactly is a mystical experience? What does it feel like? What afterglow (or even aftershocks) does it leave you with? In Dolphin’s Leap, Hind’s Feet, a contemporary Australian mystic tries to explain himself, to clarify what it is like to be a mystic, to describe the mystical tradition in the church and, significantly, how to become one. He shows us that if we seek to develop authentic spiritual awareness, this will almost always entail a journey, an inner pilgrimage to identify the techniques that work for you and how to use them with regularity. This book explores the approaches and disciplines used by teachers of spirituality over the centuries and tries to give an insight into the lived reality of the saints, seers and mystics, including their range and depth.